Community Activity

Bug Talks


When time allows we love to share our  passion for bugs with the younger generations! 



What could be more than watching a parade? Rio Linda has a few parades a year. We try to participate in all of them. The biggest one tends to be the Christmas parade. We did Spidie-Claus, and it was a lot of fun. 

Rio Linda Everta Country Faire


The Country Faire is an annual event for kids to come out and have fun. It's only fitting that Rio Linda Pest Control makes this a family event. My wife shows off bugs, while I answer questions and share bug facts! If you haven't been to the Country Faire, you should give it a try! We'll see you there! 

Story Time With Bug Man Dan


We love how responsive kids are to bugs. We share a story, something buggy, then learn about bugs. Some kids love it, some are scared, but we all have a great time! 

Community Theater


RLECT- Rio Linda Everta Community Theater is a great organization. They produce some amazing events for the community. RLECT has amazing, FREE, classes for everyone! 

Rio Linda Elverta Food Closet


We admire the work that the Food Closet does, and we're happy to help them out whenever we can.